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Photo Contest 2018 Winners!

Submit your best study abroad photos for a chance to win great prizes!

Congratuations 2018 Photography Contest Winners!

2018 First Place

1st place: Abigail Christi

"Personal Space"

The Hyde Parks Barracks Museum in Sydney, Australia, recounts the stories of many inmates who lived there. From prostitutes and pirates to rebels and runaways, the Hyde Park barracks housed them all from 1819 t0 1848. Many of the inmates came from the Motherland, England, but they all had one thing in common: a lack of personal space. This picture represents all of the personal space guaranteed to each inmate; only enough to lie down. 


2018 Second Place

2nd place: Kennedy Onuam

"Muslim Market Place"


The Muslim Street Marketplace serves as a market place for people to buy goods. This marketplace is very lively and has many vendors who practice Islam. 


2018 Third Place
3rd place: Kristen Bowman

"A Bird's Eye view from the Berlin Victory Column"


Over the duration of Germany's vast history, there have been many battles. Just one of them was against the French in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). When the column was erected, it instantly became a source of pride for the Germans and reminder to the French that they had lost a battle. From the top of this column, a person cannot help but feel victorious as he or she takes in an incredible bird's eye view of Berlin. 

Join the Study Abroad Photography Contest taking place on last Thursday in September, 2019, in the Thompson Student Center Ballrooms. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to display your photographs from your study abroad experience!


Study Abraod  will have its annual Study Abroad Photography Contest for students who go abroad during the December 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019 semesters. Studying abroad goes well beyond the tourist experience and involves a deeper understanding of the host country, values, and culture. We encourage you to submit photographs with a short description that reflects your new knowledge in the following areas:


  • Culture, customs, and traditions
  • Nature
  • City Landscapes
  • Student Life Abroad

Eligibility Requirements

  • Entrant must be a Tarleton State University student (Tarleton recent graduates are also eligible).
  • Photograph entries must be from a study abroad program or independent study abroad experience that took place in either the Fall or Summer 2016 semesters. 
  • Photos must be titled and submitted digitally (high resolution entries are preferred).
  • Entrants may submit as many photographs as desired. However, they must include a brief description and category for each submission.
  • Entrants agree to release photos to Study Abroad to use in promotions and publications as deemed appropriate by the office.


Winners will receive prizes and framed copy of winning photograph. Recipients will be announced in September during the Study Abroad Fair.

SUBMIT PHOTOGRAPHS for December 2018, Spring Break 2019, and Summer 2019


First place: Go Pro Hero
Second place: FitBit Charge
Third place: iPod Shuffle

Photo Contest Prizes

Winners will be announced on the last Thursday in September, 2019 at 12:00pm during our annual Study Abroad Fair at the Barry B. Thompson Student Center. You don't have to be present to win (although we would love if you could join us!)